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Master Plate with Super Bar


Tune up your table saw to the peak of perfection.Tune up your table saw to the peak of perfection.Get the highest degree of accuracy with this combination Master Plate and Super Bar. Together, they help you tune-up, calibrate, and align your table saw to within 1/1000 of an inch! What's more, it promotes safer operation by helping to eliminate kickbacks, sticking, and binding. The master plate is made of solid 1/4"" thick, flat-ground aluminum. It replaces your saw blade and bolts into a 5/8"" or 1"" arbor to provide a full 10"" of near-perfect flatness for aligning your equipment. The Super Bar jig has an-onboard precision dial indicator that measures alignment as it slides in the miter gauge slot. This enables you to keep the saw blade parallel, align the fence, square tour protractor, and check runout on routers, drill presses, and more!

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