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Irwin 10"" x 60T Marples ATB+R Crosscut Saw Blade


For fine, chip-free crosscuts with minimal saw marks, turn to the Irwin Marples 60T Fine Crosscutting Saw Blade. Whether mounted on a miter saw or in a table saw, the razor-sharp carbide teeth and ATB+R grind will produce excellent cuts in hard and soft woods. The unique raker tooth design allows for perfectly flat-bottomed cuts in grooving applications. The blade also features a thin kerf design, which reduces dust and material waste, and allows for use on all table saws, from lower-powered portable machines to high-end cabinet saws. IRWIN is proud to introduce a full line of fine woodworking saw blades that are manufactured in Italy to the highest standards of precision required for fine woodworking and finish carpentry. These industry leading laser-cut, thin kerf saw blades are produced in a highly-automated, state-of-the-art facility in Udine, Italy - the heart of high-quality circular saw blade manufacturing. Engineered with oversized, high-quality carbide, the new Marples Woodworking Series saw blades provide the extended life and flawless finish professional woodworkers and finish carpenters demand.Technical Details:Extra-sharp, oversized carbide teeth are re-sharpenable for long life.Precision tensioned for flawless cuts.Heat-resistant non-stick coating reduces gumming for easy cleanup and truer, cleaner cuts.Diameter: 10"".Tooth Count: 60.Grind: ATB+R. Kerf: 0.098""/2.5mm. ATB Angle: 10Adeg. Arbor Size: 5/8"".Tool to be Used On: Table Saw, Miter Saw.

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