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CompX Double Door Latch, DL-200


The traditional way to install a cylinder lock on a set of double doors is to purchase and install a separate elbow catch to keep the second door from opening. Opening the doors then becomes a multi-step process: unlock and open the lock-side door, reach into the cabinet, release the elbow catch and open the second door. The CompX Double Door Latch, however, simplifies the process by automatically engaging when the lock-side door is closed, and automatically disengaging when the lock-side door is opened. Since there is no need to reach inside the cabinet to release an elbow catch, it becomes easier to access secured goods, and you are more likely to keep sensitive cabinets locked. When closing the doors, you can close the left door first, the right door first, or both at the same time-it makes no difference. Features:No need to reach inside cabinet to release elbow catch.Doors can be closed in any order or at the same time.Low profile latch mechanism for less obstruction inside cabinet.Use with a lock (required, but not included) on one door for firm two- or three-point locking.Two latches provides firm support for tall pantry doors, which are prone to twisting with only one latch.Easy-to-use and install.Exceeds pull force of 150 lbs.How to order:Determine location of lock - right-hand door or left-hand doorDecide where latch is needed - top, bottom or both (both are recommended for doors over 48'' tall) Consult the guide below to decide which kit to orderFor Lock on Right with Top-Mount Latch, order DL-200For Lock on Right with Bottom-Mount Latch, order DL-300For Lock on Left with Top-Mount Latch, order DL-300For Lock on Left with Bottom-Mount Latch, order DL-200

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