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Complete Illustrated Guide to Jigs & Fixtures, Book


Finding an effective jig or fixture for a woodworking operation can be as elusive and time-consuming as designing a great piece of furniture, a sailboat, or a ukulele. It takes solid woodworking knowledge and some problem-solving skills, with a good dose of inspiration thrown in. Even a moderately complex setup can pose numerous choices: What tool or machine is best for the operation? Should the jig move the wood over the machine or guide the machine past the wood? How does the workpiece need to be referenced and clamped? Should the jig be adjustable? Most of the woodworkers I've met delight in solving challenging jigging problems. But tackling these problems requires a basic understanding of jig function and design. This book will teach you how to make these time saving devices and help improve everything you build in your shop. 272 pages. Contents: Section 1: Function and Design Why Use Jigs? The Functional Approach Customizing Jigs Section 2: Materials and Hardware Selecting Materials High-Friction Materials Fasteners Tracks & Guide Bars Other Jig Hardware Section 3: Tools and Techniques Jig-Building Tools Joinery Gluing Up Finishing Section 4: Marking and Setup Jigs Marking Gauges Layout Jigs Templates Machine Setup Section 5: Fences and Guides Parallel Fences Auxiliary Fences Short Fences Angled Fences Curved Fences Dowel Guides Section 6: Sliding and Pivoting Jigs Miter Slot Guided Miter Gauge Jigs Fence Guided Table Guided Pivoting Jigs Section 7: Jig Tables Tilt Tables Extension Tables Power Tool Tables Section 8: Fences and Guides Router Jigs Router Bases Hand Tool Guides Section 9: Templates Part-shaping Joinery Drilling Sawing and Sanding Section 10: Stops and Indexes End Stops Travel Stops Index Devices Section 11: Clamping and Alignment Alignment Devices Simple Clamps Production Clamps Section 12: Fixtures Part Holding Assembly Fixtures Bending and Lamination Section 13: Safety Devices Hold-Downs Blade & Cutter Guards Section 14: Dust Control for Jigs Machine Dust Collection Portable Power Tool Pickups

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