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Boogie Board Sync 9.7 LCD eWriter


Sync provides a natural feel of writing like pen on paper, with instant access to your notes, drawings and brainstorms on your device or desktop. Easily share those files with the touch of a button or interact live with the virtual whiteboard feature. Boogie Board Sync Features Write just like pen on paper, easily save and "flip to a clean page" with the touch of a button Sync device stores thousands of files internally and transfers them to your devices when they get in range Sleek, portable, lightweight design Durable construction perfect to go everywhere with you Rechargeable battery with included USB charging cord 4-hour charge lasts up to a week with normal use Included stylus with built-in stylus holder Easy to use Write, Save, Connect, Access with free app Bluetooth connect with up to 3 devices Compatible with Apple, Android and Desktop Sync Mobile App The free Sync app allows you to connect with your writing by providing unprecedented access to your notes, lists, drawings and brainstorms. Create custom folders Easily move files between folders Share a file as a PDF or as a video file Creates vector file formats Edit your files with writing or highlight Share, post or print your files with the touch of a button Quickly and easily search and access your files anywhere Connect your Sync and share your notes live with the virtual whiteboard feature Stay Organized: Automatically download new pages from the Boogie Board Sync View or delete pages saved to the app Put pages into notebooks for quick access Find pages easily using search Quick add: organize a page by drawing an edge down the side of the Boogie Board Sync. The page will then be automatically moved to a notebook you have selected. Stay Creative: Use your finger to markup pages that were previously created on the Boogie Board Sync Choose between a pen or highlighter for editing Stay Connected: S

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